Sunday, 4 October 2009

Day 17 already!?!? and wheatgrass, pulp crakers, white and red carrots and juice juice juice

Wow, Day 17 already!?!?
It's going by sooo fast!!
I've been full to the brim with homework and projects, so haven't had time to update my blogs, sorry!

Juicing is going greaaaaaaat!!!!!!!
Still amazed at how much produce we get through though!!!! :P

Everyone is feeling fantastic,
David's energy levels have stabled and both him and mum are looking absolutely fabulous!
David has lost around 7 kg and mum around 5 and says that her trousers feel 2 sizes smaller!

I am finally getting a hang at making all the juices,
and am actually enjoying it! ...
and I'm concocting a bunch of delicious juices :)))))

Yay, we got some a wheatgrass tray from Manor... 5CH, not too bad!

Mmmmm, I absolutly LOVE wheatgrass/pineapple/apple/spinach juice!!!

Some produce we got:
-20kg apples
-3 squashes
-10kg oranges
-1 crate of grapes
-1 crate of celery

Mmmmmm, soo coool.... the organic stall gave us a selection of different carrots!!!!
Red, white and orange... LOVE it!

Sooooooooo, you might ask, What on Earth do you do with all that pulp!!?!?
Well........ as my motto 're-use, re-use, re-use' we make
Raw Pulp Crackers!.....

OMGGGGGGGGGG these are SOOO good... I know this from David and Mum who might of just had a little nibble to try :)))

Everyone we've given them to loves them, YUM!

Look out on my other blog to see how I make them :))
But here are some pics anyways :)

yummy yummy juice :)))))

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Day 2, 3, 4 & 5 UPDATE!!!

Sorry, I'm a bit behind with posting!
just been really busy :)

All has been going well, David is already at his target weight goal of 75kg!!
They both found it really quite hard the first 1/2 days, mum finally having an expresso and David deciding he was going to give up smoking a week later! .... ;)
Sooo, it's Day 6 today, nearly a week gone by, and we are all LOVING IT!

David says his energy is so good so far that if it keeps up like that he'll feel fine to do the full 92 day juice feast program!

I've not found it as hard as them, I believe because I don't get the cravings they do for nasty food
BUT this juice feast (I've already done one of 2 weeks before) was HARDER then last times as I'm making all the juices for all 3 of us!
SOOO, I get up quite early (5/6AM) to make mums and David's morning and work juice (1L + 1,5L) which takes around 2H. So, when it gets round to doing MY juices I'm tired and really can't be bothered! ...
I end up having mostly grape and apple/celery juices as I find them the EASIEST and QUICKEST to do, but then at the end of the day I don't feel as good as I havn't got all those greens I should be getting AND I feel I can't be bothered to make much quantity for myself so I'm drinking around 2/3L most of juice a day, and as the minimum recomended is 4L a day, it's way of target at the moment!!
Erg, but I'm kindof getting the knack of making all this juice (around 9L a day!!) but still finding it quite hard and VERY time-consuming, which isn't very practical for my school work/social time....

Here are some pics of the last few days,
and our juice diary..
NOTE: for my mum and David this only records the juices I made them, and not the teas and lemon/honey water they they have throughout the day....

DAY 2:
before juice:
500ml each lemon water (1/2 lemon squeezed in water)

David: 1L celery/apple/lime/cucumber/ginger
Mum: 1L romain lettuce/celery/bell pepper/lemon/apple

1,5L beetroot/celery/apple/ginger/lemon/honey
700ml celery/cucumber/lime/ginger/apple
300ml pinneapple juice.. OMG GOOOOOOD!! :DDD

When I made the pinneapple juice, the juice had some beetroot left over on it, so it turned it pink! Sooo pretty! ;)

My 3rd Juice: 550ml apple/celery juice... YUM!:

Last juice: 1L for EACH of us: carrot/romaine lettuce/coconut juice:

before juice: 500ml each lemon water (1/2 lemon squeezed in water)

David: 1L pumkin/lemon/ginger/carrot... YUM!
Mum: 500ml romaine lettuce/garlic/lemon/carrot.... bit too stong!
Me: 800ml pumkin/carrot/lemon/garlic.. YUM!

Do you like our Pumkin Pulp Monster? ;)

1,5L carrot/lemon/fennel/romaine lettuce/celery/ginger/spinach/coconut water
800ml pumkin/carrot/lemon/ginger... YUM!
600ml watermelon juice /without rind, as it wasn't organic) .. YUMMMMMMM!!!!

3rd Juice:
David: 500ml grape/apple... MMMMMM
Mum: grape
Me: grape... OMG RED GRAPE (organic) JUICE IS SOOOO GOOD!!! MMM...

4th/Last Juice:
David: romaine lettuce/lemon/apple/ginger/cucumber/celery/parsley/fennel.. YUM!
Mum: cucumber/apple/celery/ginger... YUM!
Me: 500ml cucumber/pear/lemon/ginger juice

DAY 4:
before juice: 500ml each lemon water (1/2 lemon squeezed in water)

Yum! We found out that Aleo Vera is FABULOUS in juices, makes it sooooo smooth! :D

1L apple/romaine lettuce/lemon/ginger/aleo vera/carrot
Mum: 650ml carrot/lemon/ginger... YUM!
Me: 2,1L (YES! it was that good!) watermelon juice... YUMMMMMMM!

1,5L romain/celery/aleo vera/lemon/apple/carrot
apple/romaine lettuce/lemon/ginger/aleo vera/carrot
Me: 500ml squash/apple/lemon/pear/ginger.. SOOO GOOD!

3rd Juice:
David: 900ml spinach/celery/aleo vera/lime/pear/ginger
Mum: "
Me: squash/apple/ginger/romain lettuce.. YUM!

This day, I DID have something to eat... 3 nectarines and some fresh dates. I didn't make a big deal out of it. It was one of those times that (as explained abouve) I just COULDN'T be bothered to make MY juice, after juice making 2L of juice taking, like an hour. BUT it was a learning curve, cuz I certainly felt it, I just didn't feel as good. So from then, I swore I would stick to this juice feast even if it's a pain to make all the juices, I just feel so DARN GOOD! :D

DAY 5:
before juice: 500ml each lemon water (1/2 lemon squeezed in water)

1L apple/lime/spinach/celery/aleo vera
500ml pumkin/carrot/lemon
Me: 250ml punkin/carrot/lemon

1,5L apple/lemon/romain lettuce/ginger/aleo vera
apple/lime/spinach/celery/aleo vera
Me: 500ml grape juice... YUM!

David: 500ml coconut water with 3tsp Fruit Of The Earth powder (HealthForceNutritionals)
Mum: 500ml grape juice
Me: 500ml grape juice ;)

Me last juice: 400ml apple/celery juice :)) YUM!

DAY 6!!!
before juice: 500ml each lemon water (1/2 lemon squeezed in water)

David: 1L romain/ginger/lime/aleo vera/apple.. YUM!
1L apple/lime/spinach/celery/aleo vera
celery/romain/aleo vra/apple/giner... YUM, felt good to get those greens! :))

1,3L apple/celery/spinach/lime/aleo vera
800ml celery/aleo vera/apple/red bell pepper/ginger/lime/spinach
Me: 1L grape juice... MMMMMM!!!!

1L cucumber/spinach/apple/ginger/
800ml spinach/apple/celery
Me: 1L orange juice YUM!

So, thats it for now :D
Will try to update more frequently! :)))
Juicy hugs! ;)

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Before Juice Feast Stats & Day 1!!

Here are our before photos/stats: ;))))))))


Weight: 79kg
PH Level: 6.5 (for urine and saliva)

AJ (me :)

weight: 55kg
PH level: 7.4 (both urine and saliva) :D

(not very good light for my eye, I think I'll do another one tomorrow :)

Caroline (my mum :)

weight: 81kg
PH level: 6.5 (both urine and saliva)


We will see how these before pics change............. ;)

it was a bit chilly today in the appartement... :)

But apparently mum thought it was too hot! ;)...

DAY 1!!

-Before juice: 500ml each water with lemon
-Morning juice: 3L/1L each Green juice: carrot/apple/cucumber/spinach/celery/lime

-Juice 2: 250ml each yam/carrot/pear/apple/lime juice... YUM! :D

-Juice 3: 3L/1L each: celery/cucumber/spinach/apple/carrot/ginger juice... this was GOOD! :)

-Juice 4 for David: 1L romaine lettuce/carrot/apple/fennel/coconut water juice... mmmm

-Juice 4 for mum: 1 cuo (250ml - it's all she wanted :) beetroot/apple/celery juice.. yummy :)
-Juice 4 for me: 700ml romaine lettuce/GARLIC(yes, garlic!!)/apple... surprisingly, this was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!!!!! :D

WOW! It is SOOOO amazing how QUICK produce disappears!!!!!!
Nearly ALL of the apples and spinach are GONE! and thats day ONE!!! :o
woww!.. and all the carrots ARE gone!
we'll see how much produce we've consumed over the week ... :O